Travel Arrangement ("Only-one Plan")
TNZ organizes the "Only-one Plan" tour for you by considering both your interests and your budget. TNZ arranges everything including your accommodations, meals, sightseeing, guides and transportation within the country.
Special Arrangement
Depending on your interests, we can arrange for you to experience specific activities such as traditional Japanese pilgrimage, visiting amusement parks from north to south and Sake-tasting tours in locations including Japanese traditional gardens.
Guide Arrangement
TNZ has approximately 200 certified guides with English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and other languages. Each guide has a specific field or fields of specialty including history, art, music, Japanese martial arts, Japanese traditions such as Tea Ceremony, Flower Arranging, Incense Burning, Cooking, Japanese Architecture, Engineering in car factories, food factories, Japanese Economic specialists, Business and other areas. We will introduce you to talented guides on your request.
Student Program
There are unlimited interests and nature activities for students in Japan. TNZ promotes the student exchange program by introducing students to Japanese schools. Here students can become friends with Japanese students and may be able to stay with a Japanese family. We also can arrange sports activities such as soccer, baseball,badminton, skiing and dancing with Japanese instructors.
English and Tourism Program
TNZ offers English and Tourism educational classes for guides and attendants. By usingcustom-made programs, TNZ can provide English and Tourism courses for professional guides and attendants who wish to become company employees in industries such as car service, hotels and shops.